Waste management has been a big problem for India and it is getting worse with each passing day. In addition to the rapidly increasing population, kitchen waste, municipality waste, human and animal waste are increasing as well.

Untreated waste is spread all over the country polluting our environment with high levels of air pollution, bad odour, soil pollution, depletion of ground water etc.

The alarming rate at which air, water and soil pollution is increasing has put our lives and the generations to come at risk. Therefore, Actibak Biotechnology has developed products that transform the waste into good quality fertilizers.

Actibak enables us to recycle the organic waste efficiently along with enhancing the soil quality due to the positive microorganisms. Actibak microorganisms change the bacterial environment of the waste from a decomposition stage into a rotting process, eliminating bad smells and preventing the loss of resources.

Actibak Biotechnologies
Pipeline Road,Aluva, 683101, Kerala, India
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