Actibak is the perfect solution for Sewage Treatment plants. Actibak microorganisms are a mix of aerobic and anaerobic microbes which ensure that the organic material is metabolized effectively.

The Actibak microbes are injected into the water-pipes, tanks and reactors ensuring that the organic waste flowing is metabolized efficiently as a result of which the water coming out of the reactor can be used for agriculture and sanitary applications.

Furthermore, the use of the product de-ordourises the plant making it comfortable for the workers and the surroundings


Canal treatment in India needs immediate attention. Most of the canals are blocked, some disrupt the flow of water and hence lead to several problems ranging from bad smell to rats, mosquitoes and diseases.

Actibak microorganisms prevent canals from blockages and start metabolizing the organic material in the waste water to prevent bad odour.

Since, the water blockages are prevented it also limits the mosquito development, enhances the hygiene conditions and quality of life.


Septic tanks are one of the most common reasons for ground water contamination. The septic tanks if not emptied at regular intervals, lead to ground water and soil pollution due to over-flow of the waste material.

Actibak Terra microorganisms can be used to treat this problem. The microorganisms will metabolize the waste in the tank preventing it from over-flow. In addition, they also give out a by-product which can be used as an organic fertilizer to enrich the soil.

The mix of Actibak microorganisms neutralize the bad odour making cleaning easier. Furthermore, they prevent the spread of E.coli in the soil.

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