Actibak Terra microorganisms are specifically designed to promote organic agriculture and gardening. Whether you are an agriculturist, large scale farmer or a hobby gardener, Actibak Terra ensures that the plants and the soil get all they need to grow. Our product acts as a soil additive leading to soil rich in nutrients. In addition to the aforementioned, it leads to better absorption of nutrients between the soil and the roots by getting rid of the blockages in the soil. This results in:

• Improvement in the humus levels.

• Availability of nutrients for the plants.

• Improves the immune system of the plant and making them resistant to diseases.


Compost is one of the most important resources for Agriculture and Gardening. The natural fermentation and decomposition process makes this material a good by-product to be used for the same.

The Actibak Terra microorganism metabolize the organic remains and converts them into high quality fertilizers. As a result of using compost as a fertilizer, we ensure good humus levels in the soil for healthy plant and soil growth.

These microorganisms create a suitable environment to initiate the rotting process and put the decomposition process to a standstill. During the decomposition process, some valuable nutrients are gassed into the atmosphere leading to loss of nutrients and bad odour.

This in turn leads to flies, insects and unpleasant surroundings. To conclude, these specifically selected microorganisms are the solution to all our problems ranging from nutrient levels in the soil for plant growth to clean, odour-free surroundings.

Material needed

  • Organic material 

  • Shredder [if possible] 

  • Jeevanu

  • Littering can
  • Stone flour [if possible] 

  • Compost container 


  • Try to shred all organic waste, so that it can be converted more effectively (smaller the shredding, faster the process) 

  • If possible try to add stone flour to the mix, so that additional minerals will be brought into the compost
  • Mix Jeevanu in a ratio of 1:25 in and treat the material with it.
    (1 Litre of Jeevanu will be sufficient for small scale of 1m3 of material. For large scale, ratio can be increased)
  • It is advisable to cover the compost bin with a black coversheet so as to protect the bacteria from direct UV rays 

  • The process usually takes around 3 months, if weather conditions are favourable. 

  • The process can be kept stable and accelerated if Jeevanu is added regularly (every 2-3 weeks) 


Terra Preta which means black soil can be found in the Amazons of Brazil. This soil is several thousand years old and was invented by the native people living in the Amazons. It is a living soil, which expands due to the special characteristics of the soil. It is full of positive microorganisms, charcoal, stone dust and organic material.

Actibak Biotechnologies have found a way to produce this high-quality soil. This soil is more fertile than compost and can store more humus, water than any other soil. This allows crops to survive in extreme conditions, allowing the maximum quality and output. This makes the highly fertile soil special and should be a must for everyone interested in agriculture.

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