Actibak is an Indo-German Bio technology company that specializes in developing eco-friendly and sustainable environment solutions.

We aim at introducing a German product which is reliable and is well accepted by the German society. This product is made for India by the fellow Indians for the well-being of the country. Currently, we operate and offer services in Germany and India.

Our innovative products and solutions can be used for multiple purposes like Agriculture, Animal Welfare, Waste Management, Sewage Treatment and Probiotic Cleaning. It adds value by increasing the quality of life for Human Beings, Animals, Environment and the Microorganisms themselves.

With our detailed research on sustainable environment solutions, we concluded that several microorganisms can be used positively to make our eco-system healthy and clean. This key finding led to the birth of Actibak. Our products are made up of specially selected microorganisms that are harmless yet extremely helpful.


Our company’s vision is to improve the quality of life without destroying the planet. We don’t believe in the word “waste”. Therefore, our sustainable products and technologies are designed to ensure a closed cycle of raw materials. Actibak products recycle everything organic and returns it back to the eco-system and thereby reducing the use of limited natural resources.


We at Actibak Biotechnologies specialise in the development of sustainable solutions, in order to improve the lives of human beings, animals and the environment. It is our mission to make sustainability every individuals way of living and therefore we ensure that our innovative solutions can be used by the mass with ease.

We at Actibak have a multi-cultural team that is constantly striving to achieve better results and a greener earth. We as a company are very employee oriented and hence breed satisfied customers, a healthy work environment, happy employees and high quality levels, which brings us the success we desire and deserve.

Actibak Biotechnologies
Pipeline Road, Aluva, 683101, Kerala, India
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